Estimate Of Works

Includes an estimate based on average labour, material and plant costs, estimated quantities of materials for the project, labour costs by task and a gant chart showing timing for the various stages of the build. 


All are useful during the project, but probably most important of all, during the planning stage, clients can make sure they can afford to build the project before committing, or tailor the project to a pre-determined budget price.

It also gives clients a guide as to what is a fair price and what to expect when estimates come in from Builders.


The process takes approximately 2 weeks to prepare drawings for approval by the client.

Once the client and I agree to the specification, they will be required to pay 50% of the fee on confirmation and the balance on completion.

During the design programme, the client will receive draft copies of the drawings in pdf format to review and comment on, amendments will then be made until the client is entirely satisfied.


On completion, the client will receive the following:


  • A1 drawings

  • Memory Stick with electronic copies of all drawings.

Allestree Design Services will can as their agent and apply for planning permission on their behalf, the only additional costs are the fee for the planning application, currently £206.00, purchase of Ordnance Survey maps, scale 1/500 and 1/1250 respectively, these will be modified to show the work being carried out and are £30 each.


No VAT is charged on any transactions.


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